We have access to private databases worldwide to expedite any type of research. We employ a team of skilled information analysts to conduct background checks and social media searches to ensure we deliver the most accurate results.

Comprehensive research


We utilize the industry's most comprehensive 360-degree view of a subject's identity, assets, and relationships.
We uncover associations, identify non-obvious relationships through public data, and leverage TransUnion's advanced analytics data platform.

TLO vehicle sightings database

Using TLOxp, we can generate a road-bound vehicle’s travel history, allowing us to plot multiple sightings with state-of-the-art technology.

Pre-employent screening

Our pre-employment checks are based on meticulous research and analysis of multiple databases to provide our clients with the relevant information required to make informed hiring decisions. We draw from the most powerful, customizable, easy-to-use technology in the background screening industry.

Social media searches

We perform in-depth social media investigations to find photographs and videos showing the claimant in activities contrary to claimed injuries. Our firm has access to superior social media search engines (TLO Social Media Comprehensive Report and Skopenow) that deep dive into Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and several other social media sites.

Motor vehicle records

As part of our comprehensive background screening process, we provide an MVR (Motor Vehicle Report) to inform employers of whether an applicant or current employee has been convicted of DUI, traffic violations, or any other relevant offenses.

Credit reports

We provide an extensive report encompassing credit activity and credit history. All records include companies that have extended credit and loans, credit limits, and loan amounts. Payment history, delinquent accounts, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and lawsuits are also part of this record.

Record searches

Court research

Our team of experts will personally research courthouse records to review public documents containing information on criminal and civil cases as well as on mortgages, marriage records, tax liens, judgments, divorces, and any other pertinent records.

Public record searches

Our team of investigators is highly experienced at searching public records for specific information on both corporations or individuals. We will review forms, photographs, maps, and any other related documents, providing a comprehensive report to finalize the investigation.

Skip trace searches

We have a specialized team and access to key nationwide databases, which allows us to locate witnesses, insureds, and claimants. We employ the latest technology to locate hard to find individuals.

Business background screening

We perform complete background checks so companies can verify a new hire’s identity and history before making a hiring decision. Our background checks include criminal history, health and drug screenings, Social Security number traces, credit reports, identity, employment, and education verification.

Tenant background searches

We provide reports that verify your applicant's identity, credit, and search for a criminal background to ensure that you do business with responsible tenants.