We provide child custody domestic investigations to obtain evidence pertaining to the child’s best interest. Additionally, if you suspect your partner is unfaithful, we offer private investigations supported by technology and professionals trained in gathering information and surveillance.

We specialize in protecting executives, VIPs, and celebrities with first-rate security agents, strategies, and expert knowledge. We ensure our clients’ security and discretion, catering to the particular needs of each individual.

Private investigations

Executive Protection

We staff professional security practitioners intent on resolving potential security problems using a proactive, tailored approach. This contrasts with police and law enforcement, who are trained to react to situations after they come to pass.

Child Custody Investigations

Our investigators document parental instances of reckless driving, alcoholism, or other criminal activities that endanger the child's welfare. We collect sufficient evidence that a parent can provide the courts with to ensure the child’s safety.

Adultery investigations

If you suspect your partner of infidelity, we provide an experienced team of investigators supported by the latest technology to gather comprehensive information and compile a final report.

Top Body Guards

Our security team achieves unparalleled efficiency through a combination of years of police experience, both local and international commercial experience, as well as intensive training in tactical firearms skills, advanced driving, intelligence gathering, investigation, and paramedical expertise. Our agents are highly trained and individually selected for each client, ensuring you the best mix of hard and soft skills.

Scalable services

We build custom programs with a clear understanding of the risks, threats, and vulnerabilities facing each client. We prioritize productivity and security so that our clients can work efficiently, wherever the job requires.
Our services are scalable worldwide, so we can quickly and reliably respond to our clients’ evolving security needs.